Building a website seems like a daunting task.

However we aim to make this one of the easiest things you have done today.

Take some time, fill in our form and give us as much details as possible.

The more details you give us, the better our changes of getting it right.

3 Easy Steps to get Going

We here at Fryde Full Service Web Design Agency will do our best to make your life as easy as possible. Starting with our quote form. We know you do not have time spending hours on the phone answering question you do not even understand. Thats why we have come up with a 3 step solution

1 Take your time to fill in the form and give us as much detail as possible. Resist the temptation to give us one word answers, so we can do our best for you.

2 Your almost done. Most of the hard work is now done. All you have to do now is hit that submit button.

3 Success! You have done it. Your next step to getting a better online presence. Rest assured, somebody will be in touch shortly. Enjoy the rest of your day. You deserve that cup of tea!

Amount in GBP: £200
Amount per Month: £50

Some pointers and general items to consider when thinking about getting a website or re-design.

Why do you want a website?

Whether it is just for fun or serious business your layout and theme should represent your company image.

Do you sell a product?

This can vary from single products to a constant stock change.

Is it for information only?

Static site like a venue or medical advice which do not change often.

Are you selling a service?

Your selling a service and your aim is to get bookings through the website

What are you looking to get out of the website?

Sales? Appointments? Referrals?

Think of your Domain name.

Is it available?

If you do not know how to check, we will do that for you.


It looks a lot more professional using personalised email addresses

How many pages do you need?

This varies from person to person to company to company etc

Product listings?

If you planning to list loads of products, have you got all the details? Can you export the data?

Product descriptions?

Make sure to have unique descriptions

Do you have all the product pictures/thumbnails?

Your clients need to see what they are buying

Payment gateway?

If you are planning to take money through the website you will need to set up a payment Gateway. (we will help with this)


How would you be found on Google? Marketing a website is very different from your traditional marketing methods


Think about the right keywords. What makes you unique? If you searched Google, how would you find yourself?


If you still don’t know SEO = SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION. It is written in caps because it is that important! Don’t ask a friend, do not do it yourself, get a SEO Expert.

We recommend Rate My SEO


Just like your mobile phone, websites also require constant updates and maintenance. Enquire about our maintenance plans.


Websites are not build over night. Even ready made templates require editing. However in special circumstances we are able to turn website within hours 🙂